Final Quiz of the Season! 🏆 Hint 6/12 & Scores

sad owl

LAST QUIZ of the season?? Say it ain’t so!

Quiz Hint for June 5th & Last Week’s Stats

dramatic squirrel

It’s the penultimate quiz of the season!!! 😲

Quiz Hint for May 29th & Last Week’s Stats

let's quiz

Trivia for the win.

Quiz Hint for May 22nd & Last Week’s Stats

bunnicula thinking


Quiz Hint for May 15th & Last Week’s Stats

donkey smile

Triv-oh-yeah, baby

Quiz Hint for May 8th & Last Week’s Stats

always play trivia

I don’t always play trivia but when I do, I win.

Quiz Hint for May 1st & Last Week’s Stats

trivia someecard

Quiz and tell.

Quiz Hint for April 24th & Last Week’s Stats

shut up and quiz me

Shut up and quiz me.

Quiz Hint for April 17th & Last Week’s Stats

triviaaaa dog


Quiz Hint for April 10th & Last Week’s Stats

neon cat trivia

Let’s get quizzical.


    ⌲ Tuesdays @ 8pm

    ⌲ $10/team, winner takes all.

    ⌲ 6 players per team or less.

    ⌲ If your group is larger than 6 you must pick people to sit out OR create additional teams. Once people are chosen to sit out, no swapping in & out for different rounds! Once chosen, your team is your team.
    ⌲ For each round, we'll ask each question 2x then repeat all questions once more at the end of the round.
  • Directions

    Take the N or W to Astoria – Ditmars Blvd • We’re on 23rd Ave, after Sal’s deli (between 33rd St and 35th St.)