UPDATE!!!!!!!! Tuesday Trivia Announcement

There are some exciting changes this season!!



One category each week will be part of a monthly theme 😲


So, let’s say the theme for one month is “Theme A” (just to keep this fun and creative.) Each week that month, one of the categories in the quiz will be about “Theme A”. Then if the next month’s theme is “Theme B”, each week that month one of the categories in the quiz will be about “Theme B” and so on.


The BEST part is that the lowest scoring team gets to select the next month’s theme (from a predetermined list so someone can’t choose, say, Ornamental Horticulture or Intellectual Property Law or something else randomly specific). The lowest scoring team may be defined as the team with the lowest score overall for the season so far, the lowest score for the past few weeks, the lowest score for just that week or even the lowest score for one round; that will be left to the discretion of your omnipotent Quizmasters.


So, don’t miss out! Season starts Tuesday Sept 18th.
We’ll start it off by picking the first month’s theme, which will be announced soon so CHECK BACK.
🚩ACTUALLY, since we have only two weeks left in September, we’ll start the theme months on October 2nd, that way we have an actual full month. So, one of the teams gets to pick the very first category! We’ll have the Choosing Ceremony (all very official and dramatic of course) at the end of trivia on Sept 25th. So, category hints will be in effect for this week and next week. Check back tomorrow!
See you SOOOOON!!!