Quiz Hint for April 25th & What Happened Last Week

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From now on, the trivia roundups (scores and more) will be posted Tuesday at the same time as that night’s hint (see below for an example, hint is at the bottom of the post.)


🏆1st: Grad School Is Stern Business – 6000 – Won $80 
🏅2nd: And In Last Place… – 5200 – Won BB tokens  
👉3rd: Morning After Pilsner – 5100

🍺 All Zarodas Lead to Rome – 4900
🍺 Team Whitemarsh Island – 4100
🍺 Sweatpants Boner – 3200
🍺 LGR! – 3200
🍺 The Quizzard of Oz – 2000

1st: Grad School Is Stern Business – 88  
2nd: Morning After Pilsner – 82 
3rd: Sweatpants Boner – 41 


  Havana’s international airport is
named after what poet and Cuban patriot?

  A    Jose Marti  
GUESSING TEAM:    Sweatpants Boner 
THEY GOT IT:   Wrong  
BONUS JACKPOT =   $300!! 



  🤓TRIVIA 4/25/17 @ 8PM! 🤓 HINT: 

$10 per team, winning team takes all.
 2nd place prize = BK Brewery 🍺 tokens (when available) 
Plus, the rollover bonus question
gives you another way to win…

 Jackpot = $300!!

« New teams ALWAYS welcome »
Check back next Tues @ 3pm for scores, standings & more AND a category hint for next week’s trivia night!

NO TRIVIA 5/2/17 & What Happened Last Week!
What happened last night?! 4.18.17
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    Take the N or W to Astoria – Ditmars Blvd • We’re on 23rd Ave, after Sal’s deli (between 33rd St and 35th St.)

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