Trivia Tues Nov 20 🍦

office parksnrec
office parksnrec

It’s WEEK 3 of Office / Parks & Rec month! One round will be about both shows, so study up. If studying doesn’t work, there’s still hope: the lowest average scoring team that goes to EVERY Office/Parks & Rec quiz picks December’s theme… NEXT WEEK!


Last week’s round reminded me of my old tumblr account of Ron Swanson quotes on Grumpy Cat pics, TardarSauceRonSwanson: 

  • GrumpyCat=RonSwanson
  • Okay, on to scores and all that:


    1ST Urethra Franklin – 6500 WON $60
    2ND Alcoholics and Awesomeness – 6400 WON BEER TOKENS
    3RD Perfectly Cromulent – 6300
    🍦Dr Dr Dr – 5100
    🍦RD R2 – 4900
    🍦Circus – 4400


    1ST Alcoholics and Awesomeness – 32
    2ND 50 Shades of Grey’s Anatomy – 24
    3RD Dr Dr Dr – 12
    ≈ Brain Donors – 11

    Trivia, Tues Nov 27 🍕
    Trivia, Tues Nov 13 ⛸
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      ⌲ Tuesdays @ 8pm

      ⌲ $10/team, winner takes all.

      ⌲ 6 players per team or less.

      ⌲ If your group is larger than 6 you must pick people to sit out OR create additional teams. Once people are chosen to sit out, no swapping in & out for different rounds! Once chosen, your team is your team.
      ⌲ For each round, we'll ask each question 2x then repeat all questions once more at the end of the round.
    • Directions

      Take the N or W to Astoria – Ditmars Blvd • We’re on 23rd Ave, after Sal’s deli (between 33rd St and 35th St.)